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Two parts to this question: a) In your leadership roles for technical, professional services, what type of project management and productivity approach did you use to improve IC output and efficiency?  

b) Our program calls for achieving productivity gains of 25% QoQ (either in increase in output, or reduced “cost per unit” of work. Give 2 examples of initiatives you would implement to drive to achieve these goals


I am deeply fortunate/grateful for the clients I worked with. When it comes to productivity, three tower above all the rest… GE, AlliedSignal, P&G. First-hand observation and experience with those companies and their leaders taught me many things, but most of what I learned about productivity was encapsulated in a 2002 book by AlliedSignal’s CEO, Larry Bossidy; especially the following ideas:

  • Accountability – a few discrete goals and priorities, aligned/shared across teams/operating units.
  • Reward Achievement – including feedback/coaching along the way – individually and as a team.

Bossidy extended ‘Operational Excellence’ calling it ‘Execution’. For me, the above are the essence of what we describe today as ‘Agile’.

The above applies to both parts (a) & (b) of this question.

With respect to part (b), AWS Cloud is a useful reference model:

  • Cloud Formation: this AWS service automates provisioning of architecture components…reliably, verifiably, and is virtually free…
  • Economies of Scale: as frequently as possible, sell more of the same; leveraging the work we have done already, execute 1 wherever possible,
  • Innovation: Spend our time working on the ‘stuff that is valuable next’… if we execute on 1 & 2 above, we create ‘new value’ very productively…
  • Iterate 3.