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Share questions, answers, and moments.

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 Share content with your friends, a group, or the planet in a mere moment.

Compare dat.
Differing points of view? Solve them via a compare ‘dat. Great for advice while shopping. 

Rate dat.
Trying a new restaurant? Watching TV? Find out what your friends really think about everything. 


Passion. It’s what people follow. Find out how people are really feeling and make more informed decisions.


 ‘dat Feed.
Quickly see what’s trending, share with your friends, and follow your favorite publishers.


Find out what your friends think about everything with ‘dat.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does 'dat use my personal information?
 ‘dat will not share your name or personal information with third parties under any circumstances.
How can I find 'dats that align with my interests?
When using ‘dat, there are several ways you can find topics that interest you. Like other social media platforms, we utilize tags to help users find shared interests. You can follow authors who frequently post questions to your liking. When browsing ‘dats in the feed just select Filter to segment the ‘dats you want to see.
How do I stop offensive 'dats or 'dats I'm not interested in from cluttering my feed?
Just tap on Hide this dat, Block ‘dat owner or Report this ‘dat and you’ll no longer see that post. As ‘dat learns, your habits will filter content that is most suitable to your tastes.
Is everything I share on 'dat public?
One of the most elegant features of ‘dat is that you’re always in control. If you want to share with your friends only you can mark your ‘dat as private. With ‘dat you can communicate with a small group of friends or learn from the ‘dat community. You decide who sees and answers ‘dat. 
Why am I seeing brand names in my feed?
We all have brands that we love and products that we choose more often than others. ‘dat does not allow advertising on the platform, but we do give you the opportunity to connect in more meaningful ways to the brands and products that you choose. Just remember you’re always in control. You choose what to answer, and through time you can customize your feed. Who knows you might answer a ‘dat from one of your favorite brands and find out that they’ve improved the product to your liking.
Can I do more than just answer a 'dat?
Sometimes some questions deserve more than the available answers. Or you may just want to elaborate on why you responded the way you did. You decide what deserves additional comments or not. Great questions spur meaningful group dialogue, and ‘dat is one of the most beautiful Group Messaging platforms on the market today.